Merritt can offer a comprehensive service to fulfil the corporate requirements for your block.

  • Merritt can act as Company Secretary and our offices can also be the Registered Office address for our clients.
  • Merritt is able to maintain the statutory records of a client and can arrange for all of the necessary statutory documentation such as annual returns, filing of accounts etc, to be dealt with.
  • We can arrange ‘in-house’ transfer of memberships or shares when an individual property is sold. By arranging these services internally, the problems caused by third-party involvement in transfers are avoided.
  • Our fees for this service are competitive and the majority of our clients instruct us to act for them in this capacity.



Merritt have a team of dedicated staff with expertise in property management, customer service, major works, accounts and administration all purely focused on the portfolios of our freehold Investor clients.

In order to protect your investment financially and legally, our ‘Freehold Investor Team’:

  • Provide a first point of contact for individual lessee enquiries
  • Cover all the day-to-day management issues
  • Ensure all areas of the lease are complied with
  • Keep up to date with current property legislation
  • Customise the level of communication you require with us
  • Liaise directly with your chosen professionals (solicitors, brokers etc.) or offer to use those from our own pool of tried and tested companies

And in the vast majority of cases the lease allows for our fee to be recovered from the service charges – so the above is included at no cost to the freeholder.


Merritt has forged close links with a small number of selected brokers who have access to all major insurance companies. We are confident that we can obtain the best possible terms and service levels for our clients.

It must be noted that some leases restrict who can arrange insurance cover. Where the client is a freeholder, the lease may entitle them to arrange the insurance themselves.

We use the range of our expertise to ensure that our clients have the correct level of cover for their properties. This expertise extends further in the event of a claim where we liaise with residents and clients to ensure that the paperwork is processed quickly and that repairs are carried out promptly.

Where properties have lifts, communal boilers or other such equipment it is essential that there is an Engineering Insurance policy in place. Not only will this cover any accidental damage but these policies also include specialist inspections of the equipment at regular intervals. Statutory inspection is required for lifts, certain boilers and pumps and other lifting equipment.

Some of our clients have areas that are not covered by any buildings insurance policy. These could include private roadways, pavements and other areas. In these cases, we arrange a ‘public liability and material damage policy’ to cover the client’s liability to and for any damage caused by any third party using the area.

The vast majority of our clients now require ‘Directors and Officers’ Insurance to cover the liabilities of the elected Officers of their company and we can easily arrange this via one of our brokers.
We care about the insurance needs of our clients and we will ensure that they receive the right cover, whatever the circumstances.


Merritt has been involved in new build developments through two decades. In recognition of the importance we place on this area of our business and the specialist nature of the management requirements, we have a specific department at Merritt for this type of development. We are very proud of our association with several of the UK’s leading property developers.

  • The property development industry has seen many issues in the last few years and demand for land is high. It is therefore vital that the project runs on time and within budget to ensure maximum return on investment. By outsourcing the management of the development from the onset, both time and money are saved.
  • Service charge levels are important for both the developer and the prospective purchasers. At Merritt, we work closely with developers to ensure the service charge is set at a level that they are happy to bring to market, while providing adequate funds to ensure quality management.
  • Unlike existing developments, previous financial information is not available for new developments. With our extensive experience, we are able to advise developers of the predicted ongoing maintenance costs.
  • There is absolutely no cost to the developer. We charge our management fee pro-rata, out of service charges.
  • The developer doesn’t incur the costs and time associated with dealing with property management.
  • There is one point of contact for any issues raised.
  • Provides residents with continuity after the completion of the project.
  • Protects the developer’s good reputation.

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