Local Contractors

As long as they have the right insurances and skillset we think small local specialists offer our clients a better solution than the large general maintenance firms lots of our competitors instruct

  • Smaller local firms are often keener for new business than large more established companies. We find this means they generally price new contracts more competitively
  • Its better to use a suppliers who are close to your property for as many of the contracts as possible (like lift maintenance, general cleaning and gardening) – as they’ll be able to attend more quickly when the need arises, and (again) – will charge you less as they’ll have to factor a lower transport cost. The closer the better in our view
  • Good suppliers (like bad) come in all shapes and sizes. That said, in our experience a good small, independent contractor, generally beats good large contractor. They’re more flexible and each individual customer is more important to them
  • An independent local tradesman will have lower overheads to cover than a large company and so are they’re often consistently cheaper. A lot of smaller firms are also not required to charge vat – which reduces costs by a further 20%

We’re not tied to any of the contractors we work with and if you’d like us to quote to take over the management of your building, but want to keep some of your existing suppliers – this is fine

As long as you raise it with us in good time (and provided they have the correct insurances) we’re happy work with preferred suppliers you’ve already got in place


  • PREPARE – annual budgets, year-end accounts, and cyclical maintenance plans
  • ISSUE – Service charge & Ground Rent Demands
  • COLLECT – service charges and ground rents
  • ORGANISE – maintenance contracts
  • ACTION – emergency and ad-hoc maintenance
  • PROCESS – consents, notices and payments to contractors
  • SUPERVISE – major building works
  • ENSURE – health and safety compliance
  • ARRANGE AND ATTEND – inspections, and AGMs and other meetings
  • REVIEW – rents, draft leases and transfers
  • PROVIDE 24/7 – emergency helpline
  • ASSIST – in the formation of residents management companies (RMCs)
  • ADVISE – leaseholders on their rights and obligations
  • ENFORCE – covenants
  • HOLD – keys
  • MEDIATE AND RESOLVE – disputes

Lets Tender

    We’ll spend a few hours at your property, getting to know it, talking to you and your co-owners, and working out how to run the building properly, and in such a way that address any problems you’ve raised. Based on experience we’ll assess exactly how often cleaners and other suppliers need to attend to keep your building in good condition, and highlight any existing contracts which are unnecessary or overpriced
    We’ll conduct a detailed review of your buildings lease in order to get a full understanding of how charges should be set up and billed at your property (most leases are different). Based on this (and with the help of our solicitor) we’ll also be able to offer you and your co-owners clarity on any legal complexities.
    Over the next few days we’ll contact and meet candidate companies and tradesmen, for example cleaners and gardeners, and consider with them the issues raised in our discussions with you and your fellow leaseholders. Some of these suppliers will be companies we’re already using, others will be new. Insofar as its possible though, all will be local to the property. We then assess the cost estimates and service proposals we’ve received to decide the best, most cost-effective contractors to look after your building.
    All our findings are presented for your consideration in a bespoke report. Included in this are; projected service charges per leaseholder, our thoughts on how to improve the general management, any relevant information which has been bought to light in the course of our lease review and our collective thoughts on how to address any technical or practical issues you’ve raised